Enjoy all the features of modern day smartwatches without having to worry about it breaking. Here at Drystrike we make smartwatches ready to withstand any situation



Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you What a great watch, and what a great support. I purchased one for myself and another for my son Stephen. I wear it on a regular basis, and my son enjoys camping in Florida, and he told me that he always brings his watch with him. It has a good appearance and is well-made; if you enjoy large watches, I definitely recommend it.

David Martin

As a veteran, I can confidently state that I only charge this every two or three weeks. It appears to measure health data more accurately than Fitbit and is unquestionably more attractive than any Apple Watch. Excellent and durable. I am completely satisfied. Nothing compares to it.

John Rubenstein

It comes highly recommended from me! It's tough but lightweight, making it ideal for everyday use. I bought two for my two sons, and they love it! It's simple to sync with my phone and appears to be well-made. Overall, an AWESOME PRODUCT!

Roger Lumm

The Drystrike Watch really exceeded my expectation! I work in construction and a watch can never last me until I found this one. I have been wearing it to work for a month already and still going strong no matter how many times it's gotten hit or full of dust. I must say this is the toughest watch I have!"

Michael Scotts